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Altes, 26 Selected Studies
Anderson, 24 Etudes, Op. 15
Andersen, 24 Etudes, Op. 33
Berbiguier, 18 Studies in All Tonalities 
Boehm, 24 Caprices, Op. 26
Casterede, 12 Etudes
Cavally, Melodious and Progressive Studies
Furstenau, 26 Exercises Op. 107 Vol. 1
Furstenau, 26 Exercises Op. 107 Vol. 2
Genzmer, Comtemporary Etudes, Vol. 1
Genzmer, Contemporary Etudes, Vol. 2
Guenther, Ralph, The Flutist’s Bach
Jean-Jean, Etudes modernes 
Karg-Elert, 30 Caprices, Op. 107
Kohler, Romantic Etudes
Paganini, 24 Caprices Op. 1
Piazzolla, Astor, 6 Tango Etudes 
The Modern Flutist

Maquarre, Andre, Daily Exercises for the Flute
Moyse, Marcel, Tone Development Through Interpretation
Moyse, Marcel, 24 Little Melodic Studies
Moyse, Marcel, De La Sonorite
Moyse, Marcel, Daily Exercises
Reichert, M.A, Seven Daily Exercises Op. 5
Taffanel and Gaubert, 17 Big Daily Finger Exercises
Wye, Trevor, Advanced Practice
Wye, Trevor, Practice Books for the Flute Omnibus Edition Books 1-5



Cavally, Robert, ed., 24 Short Concert Pieces
Moyse, Louis, ed., Flute Music of the Baroque
Moyse, Louis, ed., Flute Music by French Composers
Moyse, Marcel, The Golden Age of the Flutists, Vol. 2


Baxtresser, Jeanne, Orchestral Excerpts for Flute
Parloff, Michael, Opera Excerpts for Flute
Wye, Trevor and Morris, Patricia, Practice Book for the Piccolo


Bach, C.P.E. Sonata in A Minor
Bach, J.S., Partita in A Minor, BWV 1013
Boismortier, Six Suites for Flute Solo
Marais, Les Folies d’Espagne
Telemann, 12 Fantasies


Bach, C.P.E., Sonata in A Minor
Bach, C.P.E., Hamburger Sonata in G Major
Bach, J.S., Sonata in E-flat Major
Bach, J.S., Sonata in G Minor
Bach, J.S., Sonata in A Major
Bach, J.S., Sonata in C Major
Bach, J.S., Sonata in E Major
Bach, J.S., Sonata in B Minor
Bach, J.S., Sonata in E Minor
Bach, J.S., Partita in A Minor



Free flute sheet music... solos, duets and more!


Free metronome!


The Tuning C.D. dramatically improves singers and woodwind, brass and orchestral string players pitch. Awarded two United States patents, each track of The Tuning C.D. sounds a sustained drone of octaves and fifths. The octaves are in equal temperament while the fifths are pure.


Flutini is a program for analyzing pitch information for instruments like flutes in real time. Unlike a traditional tuner, where you play a single note and watch a needle fluctuate around on a dial, Flutini listens as you play a tune, identifies the notes you're playing, averages all the "E"s and "G#"s and so on, and then tells you how sharp or flat you were on each note. Just play a tune and you will get an honest assessment of your tuning under real playing conditions!

National Flute Association Competitions

The NFA sponsors 17 competitions and four scholarships to select outstanding flutists to perform at its conventions.

Agay, Denes, Five Easy Dances 
Arnold, Malcom, Three Shanties 
Barber, Samuel, Summer Music 
Carter, Elliott, Quintet 
Dahl, Ingolf, Allegro and Arioso 
Danzi, Franz, Quintet in B-flat, Op. 56, No. 1 
Etler, Alvin, Quintets Nos. 1 and 2 
Fine, Irving, Partita 
Françaix, Jean, Quintet 
Hindemith, Paul, Kleine Kammermusik, Op. 24, No. 2 
Ibert, Jacques, Trois Pièces Brèves 
Klughardt, August, Quintet, op. 79 
Lefebvre, Henri, Suite, Op. 57 
Ligeti, György, Six Bagatelles 
Milhaud, Darius, La Cheminée du roi Renée 
Nielsen, Carl, Quintet, Op. 43 
Persichetti, Vincent, Pastorale, Op. 21 
Reicha, Anton, Quintet in E-flat, Op. 88, No. 2 
Taffanel, Paul, Quintet
Villa-Lobos, Heitor, Quintet en forme de chôros

Cohen, Sheryl, Bel Canto Flute: The Rampal School
Debost, Michel, The Simple Flute
Floyd, Gilbert, The Gilbert Legacy 
Green, Barry, The Inner Game of Music
Krell, John, Kincaidiana
NFA, The Flutists Handbook: A Pedagogy Anthology 
Nyfenger, Thomas, Music and the Flute
Powell, Ardal, The Flute
Quantz, J.J., On Playing the Flute
Ristad, Eloise, A Soprano On Her Head
Toff, Nancy, The Flute Book
Warner, Kenny, Effortless Mastery 

Mozart, W.A., Concerto in G Major
Mozart, W.A., Concerto in D Major
Mozart, W.A., Andante and Rondo

Boehm, Grande Polonaise 
Borne, Francis, Carmen Fantasie
Chopin, Variations on a Theme of Rossini 
Doppler, Hungarian Pastoral Fantasie 
Hummel, J.N. Sonata in D, op. 50 
Mercadante, Concerto in E Minor 
Reinecke, Carl, Ballade, op. 288
Reinecke, Sonata “Undine" 
Reinecke, Concerto in D, op. 283 
Romberg, Concerto, Op. 17 
Schubert, Introduction and Variations 
Widor, Suite 

Bozza, Agrestide 
Chaminade, Concertino 
Dutilleux, Sonatine 
Enesco, Cantabile et Presto 
Fauré, Fantasie 
Fauré, Morceau de concours 
Ganne, Andante and Scherzo 
Gaubert, Fantasie 
Gaubert, Madrigal 
Gaubert, Nocturne and Allegro Scherzando 
Hüe, Fantasie 
Jolivet, Chant de Linos 
Messiaen, Le merle noir 
Mouquet, La Flûte de Pan 
Saint-Saëns, Airs de Ballet d'Ascanio
Sancan, Sonatine 
Taffanel, Andante Pastorale and Scherzettino

Arnold, Malcom, Fantasy for Flute, Op. 89 
Berio, Sequenza 
Bozza, Eugène, Image 
Colquhoun, Michael, Charanga 
Brown, Elizabeth, Trillium 
Dahl, Ingolf, Variations on a Swedish Folktune 
Debussy, Syrinx 
Dick, Robert, Fish Are Jumping 
Dick, Robert, Lookout! 
Fukushima, Mei 
Honegger, Danse de la chèvre 
Hoover, Katherine, Kokopeli 
Ibert, Pièce 
Jolivet, André, Cinq Incantations 
Karg-Elert, Sigfrid, Sonata Appassionata in F# Minor, op. 140 
La Montaine, John, Sonata, Op. 24 
Liebermann, Lowell, Soliloquy
Muczynski, 3 Preludes 
Varèse, Density 21.5 


Arnold, Malcolm, Concerto, Op. 45Arnold, Malcolm, Sonatina for Flute and Piano Barber, Samuel, Canzone Bartok, Béla, Suite Paysanne Hongroise Beaser, Robert, Variations for Flute and Piano Bloch, Ernst, Suite Modale Bolling, Claude, Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Bozza, Eugène, Aria Burton, Eldin, Sonatina Copland, Aaron, Duo Feld, Jindrich, Sonata Foss, Lukas, Three American Pieces Françaix, Jean, Divertimento Gieseking, Walter, Sonatina Griffes, Poem Hanson, Serenade Hindemith, Sonate Ibert, Concerto Kennan, Night Soliloquy Liebermann, Lowell, Sonata Martin, Frank, Ballade Martinu, Sonata Mower, Mike, Sonata Latina Muczynski, Sonata Nielsen, Carl, Concerto Piston, Sonata Poulenc, Sonata Prokofiev, Sonata Rivier, Jean, Concerto Roussel, Albert, Joueurs de Flûte Schwantner, Joseph, Black Anemones Taktakishvili, Otar, Sonata for Flute and Piano 

Benshoof, Ken, Spindrift 
Persichetti, Vincent, Parable for Solo Piccolo 
Liebermann, Lowell, Concerto for Piccolo, op. 50 
Vivaldi, Concerto in C for Piccolo

Foote, Arthur, A Night Piece
Mozart, W.A., Flute Quartets

Berthomieu, Marc, Chats
Bozza, Eugene, Deux Esquisses
Bozza, Eugène, Jour d’été à la montagne
Casterede, Jacques, Flutes en Vacances
Dahl, Ingolf, Serenade
Damase, Jean-Michel, Quatuor de Flutes
Dubois, Max, Quatuor
Folio, Cynthia, Four ‘Scapes
Folio, Cynthia, One For Four
Furstenau, Anton Bernhard, Quartet in F Major Op. 88
Guiot, Raymond, Divertimento
Girard, Anthony, Printemps des Rivieres
Higdon, Jennifer, Steeley Pause
Jeanjean, Faustin, Ski Symphonie
Kohler, Ernesto, Grand Quartet in D Major
Kuhlau, Friedrich, Quartet in E Minor, Op. 103
Lauf, Melvin, Appalachian Sketches
McMichael, Catherine, Gaelic Offering
McMichael, Catherine, Falconer
Mower, Mike, Fictions
Reicha, Anton, Sinfonico, Op. 12 
Schmitt, Florent, Quatuor de flûtes, op. 106 
Schocker, Gary, Nymphs
Schwarz, Ira, Parthenia
Sollberger, Harvey, Grand Quartet for Flutes 
Wouters, Adolphe, Adagio and Scherzo
Yagisawa, Satoshi, Capricious Winds

(Accepted for listening assignments)


Baker, Julius
Bell, Sebastian 
Bennett, William
Buyse, Leone

Clarke, Ian

Choi, Jasmine
Coelho, Tadeu

Cruz, Gustavo (Cuban)
Day, Timothy

Egües, Richard (Cuban)

Felber, Jill
Galway, James
Garner, Brad
Kane, Trudy
Pahud, Emmanuel
Parloff, Michael
Rampal, Jean Pierre
Perlove, Nina
Porter, Amy

Robison, Paula

Ryerson, Ali (Jazz)
Snowden, Jonathan
Southworth, Clare
Spratt, Kirsten
Stillman, Mimi
Still, Alexa
Stallman, Robert

Torres, Nestor (Jazz, Latin Jazz)

Valentin, Dave (Jazz)

Valle, Orlando "Maraca" (Jazz, Cuban)
Walker, Jim (Classical, Jazz)

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